Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Another question - how would you feel if camera man stands 3m in front of you? I see at least a little disadvantage for first position ("A").

Thursday, April 25, 2019

World Cup - Scoring visualization

Look at the "targets" and scores. Unbelievable.

No comments... 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Great Reformers from ISSF

I never liked previous leaders because of dubious and not transparent decisions.

144 days ago new ISSF leaders were elected.

Great reformers came.

  1. They are going test new rules for MIX events. New rules. Again and again.
    The changes caused by "not understandable" rules to the public (viewers). Also, ISSF is trying to make TV product for public and not exciting sport for athletes. As athlete - You can accept this game or withdraw. Opinions are not really asked as we may see. Of course - they are trying to save and to defend the number of Olympic Medals. But decisions are very dubious. It will bring nothing. Zero. Status Quo. Two viewers will go and two new one will come. It is my opinion. It is the nature of this sport. It is not really public and understandable for all.
  2. Media content. Bad → worse → awful.
    As you remember - they are trying to contribute to the population of the shooting sport since many many years ;-)
    Last photos published by Marco Dalla Dea from India (at least news that are signed by this name) are good.
    World Cups in Mexico and UAE. What is it???
    I have seen angry comments on the ISSF facebook page.
    Do you like the quality of this picture? Before great reformers came the pictures were better.
  3. Today. World Cup in China. Four photos on the ISSF facebook page. One photo is overexposed for 30-40% (made by cheap smartphone on the firing line after the final). Hm... they were able to break through China's Great Firewall to post four photos on the facebook. The same four photos were added to the ISSF homepage. But they did not linked gallery to the landing page someway. You have to search for them buddy. ISSF also added the news to the homepage. What do you say to the photo collage? I "cannot" see it... It is awful.

  4. I cannot see that graphics from the early 2000. I cannot believe that someone in the world is still working like this.

    The funny font "cooper black" from 1920s. Unbelievable. Nether proper distances nor colors.

  5. Check the official Instagram of ISSF. Last few photos.
    OK, overexposed, OK, overexposed, trash, overexposed, senseless content/motto... etc.
  6. The shooter of the year 2018. Ha-ha... 23rd of April 2019! I cannot find the voting results.
  7. No more time to write about such disgusting things...

It is really annoying.

Update: 24th of April. Air Pistol Final. Video stream is not available. N-o-w-h-e-r-e. 21st Century. $10M development fund will not help if you do not know what to do.

Update-2: 15 Minutes later after final start they published link on the facebook to the If you do not use facebook - you will not get notified.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

25m Pistol Lights

Hobby project. This one - is the second prototype. First one was with 5mm LEDs and generic "route yourself" PCB. The second one with SMD LEDs and factory made PCB.

After turning on - the unit starts WLAN access point. Android smartphone connects to the access point and then the unit controlled by App.

LEDs are very bright (photos below don't reflect real brightness). We tried the unit in summer 2018 in the outdoor 25m shooting range - very good.

The unit has LiPo accu. Charging by usual Android smartphone charger (Micro USB-B). First prototype was charged once in June and was used/tested very frequently during two months.

LED pattern - similar to SIUS. See here example