Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review of my Hämmerli SP20

I wanted to have a revolver for a center fire event, but I got an offer for a Hämmerli SP20. The price was okay and I could not resist. The pistol is almost new. The plastic Hi-Grip is better than I thought it would be. Nice pistol, good quality. Other photos of my Hämmerli SP20.
Positive sides:
  • Sights;
  • Recoil;
  • Trigger’s nature. I like it very much. It would be nice to have the same on Steyr LP10 and Feinwerkbau AW93. The trigger is so fine tuned, that I don’t know when the shot to expect;
  • Balance.
Negative sides:
  • Trigger shoe position is variable, but not enough. It’s in most front position now but it’s still not enough (I have small hand grip size M/S).


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