Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Speculations about SP-08


It is created by Efim Khaidurov and inherits some solutions of IZH-KhR 64, KhR 30/31, KhR-79. New pistol for .22 lr cartridges was created because of change in Olympic Games rules stopping the use of .22 short cartridge. Breechblock in rearmost position dampens its energy into moving mass. During firing pistol’s centre of gravity changes insignificantly. Pistol quickly returns to aiming mark. Pistol is fully made of steel processed on high-precision machines.

Biography: Efim Leontievich Khaidurov was born in 1925 in Buryatia (Siberia). He was interested in shooting from a childhood, being a teenager he was in USSR shooting team. After that he spent years training the best pistol shooters of USSR national team. At the same time he was designing and creating sport pistols. During WW2 at the age of 16 Efim worked at aircraft factory and got profession of a miller. Later he was able to create high quality pistols himself. After WW2 he entered the best technical school in Russia – Bauman Technical University. He learnt how to make machines but while taking part in shooting competitions for university team he conceived to create a match pistol. He designed match pistols TOZ-35, TOZ-35M, KhR-64, IZH-KhR 30/31, KhR 79, KhR-82 KhRB-88 and revolvers TOZ-36/49... Even 50 years after its creation his TOZ-35 pistol still remains one of the most effective match pistols widely used throughout the world. Other his models exist in several samples as they were made only for the best USSR sportsmen. For example, KhR-79 pistol was made only in 8 copies but nevertheless it won 7 golden medals in Olympic Games in different years.

At the present day Efim Khaydurov works as a Chief engineer in young DEMYAN Company. He makes new models of match pistols again and helps young engineers.

Source: DEMYAN Company website

Khaidurov SP-08 foto

In the last time I read many speculations about SP-08 sport pistol designed by Mr. Khaidurov together with Demyan Company. Also, I do not agree that SP-08 is soon on offer. Why? It’s very simple – any production of arms in Russia is absolutely forbidden (special licence needed). Yes, as always there are some exceptions, but... Damyan Company must have enough capital «to buy» one of those exceptions. Then I could enumerate at least next five reasons, but I am not interested to do it.

It’s very very very sad, that one of the best weapons’ designers of our era cannot produce his «child» in thousands of copies. The only way is to try to sell licence for production abroad. And I do not think that big concern as Walther (for example) would buy licence since Walther has already invested funds in its own pistol (SSP). May be Anschütz? Don’t make me laugh... only yesterday nearly bankrupt. May be small west company will do it? Are You crazy? Have You ever thought what costs such production from scratch? Try to imagine demands for the pistol, net-costs and end-price... Profit – near to zero or big minus. It isn’t problem of this pistol, it’s problem of sport weapons market (especially in Russia). No one will be rich here.

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  1. Anonymous31/5/14 00:30

    Around 1974 I met M. Valery CARMONA, in Paris. He had a .22S Rapid Fire Pistol which he named Vostok and he told it was made in the USSR; it was a complicated gun, with balancing part to stabilise the shooting. Anibody knows about it?