Saturday, October 10, 2009

Melentiev and Minder

Look at these guys – Alexandr Melentiev, Olympic champion and record holder in free pistol and Moritz Minder – World champion in free pistol.
We should remember other brilliant free pistol shooters, who has reached high results, such as:
Of course there are more names, such as Jong Oh Jin (575+99.6), Dan Xu (575+96.8) an many many others.
Some words about Sergei Pyzhianov. Look at his profile in ISSF shooters’ database. He was one of the dominators on the world arena in period of 1979-1999. Sergei did 575 points in free pistol on the Europe Championship in 1979 in Lviv (junior men).
Today Sergei is 49 years old and he is still active shooter. His last results were: 582 points in air pistol (1st place) and 564 points in free pistol (2nd place) on the Russian Championship 2009 (September). Sergei is on the third foto below. I did this foto in the year 2005 during the Russian Championship.
Alexandr Melentiev - Olympic champion in free pistol
Moritz Minder - World champion in free pistol
Foto: Sergei Pyzhianov (2005)
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  1. Anonymous18/1/11 19:37

    OMG! look at the group on Melentiev's back Target! With the air pistol that would have been a 596 or 597.

  2. Anonymous4/5/11 19:57

    Don't forget Ragnar Skanaker Swedish free pistol rekord of 583 shoot in LA 1988.

  3. Yes, it is true. Swedish record.

    Was it official UIT calender event in Prado? I haven't found any info.

    Of course for 20-30 years there were a bunch of great scores. Unfortunately most of them cannot be counted as official world records.

    1. Anonymous24/2/12 13:37

      Keep in mind that he was 53 years and 10 month old when i shot 583 in LA. Quite an a achievement you don´t see today.

  4. Anonymous9/5/11 20:36

    Yes, must have been in Prado. I found this post on target talk:
    "S 583 Ragnar Skanåker Ängelholms SpSK Prado/LA 88-04-18"

  5. Anonymous26/4/12 16:40

    It was a Standard Pistol record, not in FP.

  6. Nope, FP. Standard is from 1978.