Monday, December 28, 2009

IZH-35 reworked

«IZH», Russian pronunciation: [ɪˈʐ]. Izhevsk – it is Russian city. There is the arms’ manufacturer in Izhevsk – «Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod».
My coach in Russia works in shipyard. He is a perfect master. He has also interesting ideas concerning the sport arms. His handicrafts don’t look perfect from point of view of design and appearance but things are fully functional and work good. «The perfect pink look & feel – it’s for girls and dissatisfied sales managers» – as he says. Hm.
We go forward and our first «exhibit» is reworked IZH-35 standard pistol. I have published these photos for some years on
  1. The housing made of some kind of Alu composition. Everything I know, that this Alu composition was used in the production of airscrew for military air-cushion ships.
  2. Please note the small baffle on the return-spring axis. The baffle followed by one tight spring. This tight spring was borrowed from TOZ-35 (main firing pin spring). So we got the return spring that consists of two levels (long-weak and short-tight). The short-tight is some kind of recoil buffer. The idea and main principle was borrowed from IZH-KhR-30/31 (Feinwerkbau AW93) and followed successors. To say exactly – the same idea and aim but another method.
  3. The comparison photo – front and rear bolt position. Please note position of the bottom housing part. Works like Feinwerkbau AW93’s recoil buffer.
UPDATE: I got E-Mail from Alex Cherkasov and Alex writes that originally it was his idea with double spring and he showed his idea to my coach.
    IZH-35 reworked: Alu housing
    IZH-35 reworked: Alu housing

    IZH-35 reworked: Double spring
    IZH-35 reworked: Double return spring

    IZH-35 reworked: The baffle
    IZH-35 reworked: The baffle

    IZH-35 reworked: Front and rear bold position
    IZH-35 reworked: Front and rear bolt position

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    1. I have two izh 35 pistols and I would like to try and make this aluminium recoil dampening double spring. Could you please explain how the bottom housing moves forward and the double return spring is positioned?

      (From Australia)