Sunday, February 28, 2010

Right pistol sighting

You ask — I answer.

I have problem about aiming the front sight somehow, it difficult to make the right pattern. Can you describe the front sight position or maybe the exercises?
14 years old girl from Indonesia.

Look at the figure 1 below. This a traditional proper pistol sighting. Most of us see something like this. Eye is focused on the front sight. Many strong pistol shooters focus even somewhere between front sight and target, but no one focuses on the target — it is mistake (figure 2).

Focus on the front sight.
Figure 1. Focus on the front sight.
Focus on the target.
Figure 2. Focus on the target.

Figure 1 — is ideal static picture. We aren’t robots and to see absolute static picture isn’t possible — the front sight permanently moves relative to the rear sight, and our stretched hand with pistol moves relative to our body… our body has small movements too. Also — the figure 1 — will be our ideal pattern. We must try to reach this pattern in each shot, if possible.

If you have troubles with focusing on the front sight — first of all — you must speak with yourself. Unfortunately there is no such button «focus on the front sight now» on the outside of you. Only you can force yourself to focus on the front sight, but I could describe you one trick. It really works.

Most of us know about training & shooting using white blank target. It helps us to concentrate and stay focused on the front sight. Most of us shoot better if we use white blank target without bull’s eye. But what happens if we use normal target? We hesitate. Sometimes it’s not so easy to stay focused on the front sight… etc.
But you could try following. You stay relaxed at the shooting range and you prepare for the next shot. Look relaxed on the target and draw in your head solid red rectangle below the bull’s eye… something like on the figure 3a below. Imagine this read rectangle, feel its existence. And now forget about everything what lays outside of your rectangle. This white rectangle is your aiming area. Its area is brighter that everything else outside this rectangle. Your aiming area pretty big, isn’t it? It’s your blank white target. There is no need to hit tons of tens. Simply come with your aligned sights somewhere in the middle of this area and wait a little bit… shot breaks. Simply make one safe shot. No fear. In your case it’s only portion of air leaves pistol and 0,5g lead pellet leaves the barrel.
And don’t forget — sighting is not so important as smooth trigger or internal calmness. Sighting is slave process.

Defining the aiming area.
Figure 3a. Defining the aiming area.
Defining the aiming area.
Figure 3b. Defining the aiming area.


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