Sunday, March 14, 2010

TOZ-35 — trigger’s settings

TOZ-35 free pistol has very simple and robust design. But in spite of its simplicity pistol offers enough settings. Let us look at trigger’s settings.
You can rotate, shift up and down trigger shoe using screw on the side of trigger shoe (yellow arrow on the picture below). You can rotate, move forward and rearward complete trigger unit loosing screw above the trigger shoe (green arrow on the picture below). Usually you need to keep parallelism between shoe and complete unit — I mean — use shoe’s screw (yellow) to shift shoe up and down only and use unit’s screw (green) to rotate or move trigger shoe together with complete unit. Rotating shoe independent from unit causes different effects (e.g. your real trigger resistance is about 20g but you feel whole 200g).
Small screw on bottom of stock — turning clockwise increases the weight (resistance).
Small screw behind trigger shoe — turning clockwise decreases the amount of engagement.

Rotating trigger shoe and complete trigger unit
Rotating trigger shoe and complete trigger unit. From TOZ-35

Want something special? 1kg trigger resistance as Olympic Champion and free pistol record holder Aleksandr Melentiev? No problem. Simply put a piece of rubber behind trigger shoe or put it between big lever and stock (as I did putting a piece of sponge to get soft 200g). You can try different materials and thickness to get wished effect.

Using a piece of sponge to get soft 200g trigger resistance
Using a piece of sponge to get soft 200g trigger resistance. From TOZ-35

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Custom pistol grips by Männel

Männel Sport Shooting chose own way of grip making — you can see fitting form on the photo below. Hand’s form is collected and grip will be made according your own measurements.
Männel doesn’t get tired and brings again and again something new to the shooting market (e.g. AdvancedSmallBore rifle(-stock) with patented breech «Shock Controller»).

Männel Sport Shooting wählte eigenen Weg für Herstellung der Pistolengriffen — die Anpassung/Abdruck-Form auf dem Bild unten zu sehen. Man macht einen Abdruck seiner Handflächen und Griff wird laut Abmessungen hergestellt.
Männel wird nicht müde und bringt wieder und wieder etwas neues auf den Markt (z.B.: Kleinkaliber-Gewehr/Gewehrschaft AdvancedSmallBore mit patentiertem Patronenlager «Shock Controller»).

Männel Sport Shooting выбрал собственный путь по изготовлению пистолетных рукояток — на картинке ниже форма по снятию оттиска ладони. Достаточно оставить такой оттиск ладони и рукоятка будет изготовлена согласно индивидуальным размерам и особенностям.
Männel не устает приносить на рынок что-то новое (например малокалиберная винтовка и ложе AdvancedSmallBore с запатентованным казёнником «Shock Controller»).

Männel’s way of grip customization
Männel’s way of grip customization