Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rifle prone

I tried a couple of shots rifle prone. Shooting jacket, sling and rifle belong to one of our club member. Two most left holes aren’t mine. It was used target. The hole on the right — I could recall that shot and it was my error.
Tried rifle prone
Tried rifle prone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pelican 1520

I got new case for my pistols — Pelican 1520. Wow. Quality.
As Petriv ironical wrote me today — «Now everyone will notice that you are unusual shooter».

Pelican 1520 case
Pelican 1520

Triple success in Beijing for TOZ-35

SZARENSKI Daryl (USA), USTAOGLU Abdullah (GER) and OMELCHUK Oleg (UKR) – the last medallists in men’s 50m free pistol event at the World Cup in Beijing. They all use TOZ-35 free pistol.
Of cource, the Daryl’s pistol is strong modificated, and Abdullah’s pistol modificated too, but anyway…
4th and 6th places – also TOZ.

PHAM Thi Ha – one step away from success

Have you noticed result of female shooter from Vietnam PHAM Thi Ha in 25m sport pistol event at the World Cup in Beijing? Not yet?
Look – precision 100 99 95 (294), rapid 98 97 90 (285). It was zero at 12 o’clock in the last series.
I believe she could win with big advantage and it could be very big success for shooter from Vietnam.

PHAM’s team-mate – NGUYEN Manh Tuong – could win bronze in men’s 50m free pistol event but his last shot was not enough to defend his 3rd final start place.