Saturday, May 8, 2010

SP20 jams problem solved

On the 10th April, during my first center fire match, my SP20 jammed loads during repetition and this problem was discussed here. I was able to finish precision stage with 285, but rapid fire stage turned into nightmare for me (1-3 jams per magazine). This case was finally solved after polishing barrel’s inner ramp thrice. Actually there were two sharp edges — those edges were removed by file and after all polished with abrasive paper 400 and 600. One the photo below — inner ramp, sharp edges are visible (top photo) and after polishing (bottom photo).
Test shooting. No jams. I must add — I find SP20 ideal for center fire. Ideal trigger and front sight stands still (well balanced).
SP20 test shooting
Test shooting

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Custom weights for Steyr LP

Found on Interesting.
Custom weights for Steyr LP
Custom weights for Steyr LP

Baumanets Kh-1MT

Baumanets Kh-1MT is free pistol prototype of the year 1959 (Cyrillic: «Бауманец X-1МТ»). This one — on the photo below — was completely made of steel and was one of the three given prototypes. Other prototypes were partially made of duralumin. But only this one was produced since 1962. Today known as «TOZ-35». All three prototypes were designed and fabricated by Efim Khaidurov.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peters Stahl PS600

Look what I have found in Internet — Peters Stahl PS600 — 100% Morini CM 22M clone.
It is interesting what Peters Stahl wanted to achieve with this symbiosis with Morini Competition Arm S.A.?
Enter sport market? If yes — they overrated own possibilities. In my hold opinion — guaranteed flop.
Update: as someone writes in comments, seems that there wasn’t any symbiosis. Simply one clever designer could sell this pistol thrice.

Gun case is ready to use

My Peli 1520 is ready to use.
Since I don’t use shooting glasses and it means I don’t need to reserve place for glasses’ case I could transport some ammunition. There is enough space for 500 22lr rounds.
Empty Peli 1520 gun case
Loaded Peli 1520 gun case
Peli gun case