Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peters Stahl PS600

Look what I have found in Internet — Peters Stahl PS600 — 100% Morini CM 22M clone.
It is interesting what Peters Stahl wanted to achieve with this symbiosis with Morini Competition Arm S.A.?
Enter sport market? If yes — they overrated own possibilities. In my hold opinion — guaranteed flop.
Update: as someone writes in comments, seems that there wasn’t any symbiosis. Simply one clever designer could sell this pistol thrice.


  1. Anonymous7/5/10 13:02

    Actually, the whole design was bought from somebody else - Renzo Bonora - he sold the drawings twice, once to Morini, and once to Peters Stahl. And of course, the whole thing was built under another name (R.B.A.) in Italy for the third time...

  2. In fact, the PS600 is not a guaranteed flop at all. I own one of these fine pistols and it outshoots every other .22 I ever had. And among these were a Hämmerli 280, a S&W Model 41, a Browning Medalist and a Walther GSP. The accuracy of the PS600 is awesome, the trigger is crisp and with the right ammo (Eley Match) it reloads and ejects flawlessly. It is not an exact copy of the Morini either. It has a screwed-on rail for the sights, the rear sight is entirely different, just as the trigger assembly and the grip.