Saturday, July 3, 2010

SCATT for Rapid Fire Pistol

What I have found today in Internet – SCATT offers now equipment for rapid fire pistol with new wireless optical sensor. The price about 1950,00 € or 2450,00 $. Although, as I know, Artem Khadjibekov offers this unit now in Serbia in Belgrade during World Cup only for 1800,00 €.
According to the website – the weight of the wireless sensor is only 6g (with battery).
May be interesting for national teams with budget but not for private usage.
You will need Pardini with electronic trigger to feel all advantages of this training unit.


  1. But how does the gun get re-cocked for rapid fire?

  2. In no way. This unit must/can be used with Pardini or Matchguns with electronic trigger.

  3. Anonymous2/8/10 11:12

    And my old Morini 102E will find it´s use at last