Thursday, August 5, 2010

ЧМ 2010 - день седьмой

Статистика по пистолетам в скорострельном пистолете у мужчин. Пардини впереди планеты всей.
Diagram: What they use?
Diagram «What they use?» from ISSF WCH Munich 2010


  1. Anonymous6/8/10 14:22

    Great information as always, thank you Igor!

    Is there a way to relate scores with brand of pistol or would this be pointless? Also, it seems from your chart that there is no more Khaidurov pistols being used other than the AW93 nowadays?

  2. These graphs are really great, thanks' a lot for sharing. I hope there will also be some for standard and center fire pistol?!

  3. @Anonymous:
    I think that we will see one or two KHRs in Sport Pistol Junior Women, but I will not collect any statistics during this junior event.

    Yes. Standard pistol data already collected although i must identify on the photos two pistols before publishing diagram.