Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adapted my Nijazi Steyr LP 10 grip for electronic

Looks good. Other photos here.


  1. Евгений23/8/10 14:51

    Да, смотрится хорошо. У Вас возникли какие-нибудь трудности при установке модуля в "неродную" рукоятку?

  2. Anonymous23/8/10 15:19

    Did you do this job yourself or is it how the factory does it?

  3. @Евгений
    Теснота и нет лишнего места - это основная проблема. Внутри все лежит как шпроты в банке.
    Важно все сперва рассчитать (несколько раз).
    В заводской рукоятке модуль лежит в 10мм от пистолета, а у меня модуль касается пистолета углом (нет места опустить модуль ниже).

    I did it myself.

  4. Anonymous23/8/10 15:47

    I now understand what you've done Igor. It looks like a very well done job.

    I recently "distroyed" a grip trying to adapt it to my hand so I know what it's all about... :(

    As for that Ukrainian grip, what is the advantage over the factory grip? Is it tailored to your hand?

  5. Advantage - made not for someone from somewhere - made for me.

  6. Anonymous24/8/10 01:22

    I'd gladly go to the Ukraine, Germany, Austria, etc. to get a nice tailored grip that suis me, but to my regret I do not have such funds. You're lucky! I wish I had the knowledge to make a grip myself. Anyway, you did a good job there!

  7. Rink mentiones a "inner metal square" from the original grip is to be used to mount a Rink grip. I can't see this inner metal square on any of your photos. Did you use such a thing?

    1. Yes, I use metal plate (from original grip).

    2. Sorry, Do you mean the cover plate? I am talking about the inner metal square, what does it do?

    3. Yes, inner "L"-plate.

      It is support plate (support surface) for the pistol frame.

      You can damage inner soft wooden surfaces with 6 angle settings screws if you don't use "L"-plate.