Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ISSF чемпионат мира - фотографии

Для тех, кто не смог найти или не видел мой альбом чемпионата мира — он тут.
UPDATE: Еще некоторые фотографии можно посмотреть тут.


  1. Anonymous3/8/10 23:33

    Awesome pics, Igor! :-) Thank you for sharing them with us.

    By the way, do you think the new Khaydurov/Demyan/Männel pistol will be suitable for people with large hands like the "FWB AW93/Rink L" does?

  2. It is possible to make a grip for all types of hands... long/short finger.. etc.

  3. Anonymous5/8/10 13:47

    Thank you for your answer, Igor!

    I was asking this because some pistols do not lend themselves to a comfortable grip if you happen to have long hands. I.e. Pardini SP /New. But this shouldn't be a problem with this new Demyan pistol since it's got the same origin as the AW93--which fits long hands reasonably well.

  4. Very nice pictures. REally enjoyed the special ones for me. Thanks a lot.

    I would be very happy if i could use them on my blog, and also the pictures of the weapons diagram. Of cours i will tell everyone that you are the rightfull owner of them.


  5. Anonymous11/8/10 10:54

    Hi Igor
    I think Your "unknown" centerfire pistol must be a
    Sig hammerli P240 these were made in cal. 22,32 and 38.

  6. Thanks for your help in identification

  7. Anonymous12/8/10 09:28

    Thanks, Igor! Very interesting. Nice to see that you continue shooting.