Thursday, August 12, 2010

KhR and KhRB

You ask — I answer.
By the way, what does the «B» stand for in KhRB-90? Do you know what the modifications over the previous KhR-88 pistol were?
(from comments)
«KhRB» — pronounced something like this [Russian ha:aerbae].
«KhaidurovRazorenovBuchukuri» where:
Khaidurov and Razorenov — the designers and the gunsmiths. And Buchukuri is the shooter from ex-soviet Republic Georgia, who brought an idea concerning slide for the pistols. The slide in its rear position rises a little bit up what compensates a recoil. The same method was used in Finnish submachine gun.
The KhRB family looks something like this:
  • KhR-64 — about 32 pistols specially designed for OG 1964 in Tokyo, JPN;
  • KhR-70 — 2 pistols specially made for WCH 1970 in Phoenix USA (direct successors since 1972 were IZH-KhR-30 .22 lr and IZH-KhR-31 .22 lr short, taken out of production in 1980);
  • KhR-79 — about 14 pistols (.22 lr short, Olympic gold in rapid fire pistol in Sydney 2000 by ALIFIRENKO Sergei, Olympic silver and bronze in rapid fire pistol in Athens 2004 by POLIAKOV Sergei and ALIFIRENKO Sergei);
  • KhR-82 — 3 pistols (.22 lr standard pistol, based on IZH-KhR-30 special for OG 1984 in Los Angeles, USA);
  • KhR-86  — 3 pistols;
  • KhRB-88 — 3 pistols (.22 lr short, modified KhR-79 by Razorenov and Buchukuri special for OG 1988 in Seoul, Olympic gold in rapid fire pistol in Seoul 1988 by KUZMIN Afanasij);
  • KhRB-90 — 2 pistols specially made for WCH 1990 in Moscow, RUS (combined from KhR-79 and KhR-82 but there is also an information that this model was based on IZH-KhR-30 with some features of KhRB-88, direct successor is Feinwerkbau AW93);
In the year 1985 Ragnar Skanåker, Olympic and World champion, wrote in his book about pistol shooting: «The best standard pistol that I have ever tried is KhR-30».


    1. Anonymous12/8/10 19:23

      Lots of great information, thank you Igor! :-)

    2. Thanks for the summary - proves that google translator works :-) If anybody has one of the .22lr models for sale (i.e. a KhR30) - please contact me...