Friday, August 20, 2010

Morini CM 162 EI with custom electronic module

Digging old posts on the internet forum I have found these interesting photos. It is Morini CM 162 EI air pistol with custom electronic module and custom grip. It is special module, it has no switch for turning power on/off. It is smaller and compacter. Battery is CR2032 – common battery in computers to keep the date and CMOS settings current when power is off. Everything you need to switch the pistol on is pull the trigger and after 10 seconds the pistol is ready for shooting. After definite period of time of inactivity the module switches in standby mode. As you can see – there is flexible connecting cable – one more advantage.
I suppose, that the module itself made by Khadjibekov Artem (Olympic champion, co-developer of the SCATT electronic training system and participant in many other projects). Everything together has arranged Afonin Dmitri.
And I am quite sure that exactly Khadjibekov Artem is developing electronic trigger for Walther SSP-E now.
Morini CM 162 EI Air Pistol with custom electronic module by Afonin Dmitri
Morini CM 162 EI Air Pistol with custom electronic module by Afonin Dmitri


  1. Anonymous20/8/10 22:36

    Thank you for sharing this information with us!

    A grip made of several pieces of wood, now that looks nice! I wish I had the skills to do that myself.

    By the way, who made that grip with an "S" trademark stamped on the left side of the grip?

    That electronic trigger seems nice. How does it stand to continued use? Is it reliable with no double-tap issues? Does it have any sort of problems with humidity? Does the trigger unit have some sort of indicator to tell the shooter when the battery level is too low?

  2. it is amazing small. i wonder why morini company has not adopt it. it would allow them to offer grip adjustments like the other factories. also it is very interesting that artem is developing the ssp-e trigger.

  3. I don't know who produced the grip on the photo above ("S", "ES" or "SE").

    I might make a mistake, but I think that I have already seen such electronic module in the hands of Morini owner, Francesco Repich. He shortly demonstrated it to me in the year 2008 in Munich. He said something like that - "it is our electronics of the next generation".

    Why it is not in production till now - no idea.
    1) Reliability problem?
    2) Developer wanted too much $$$ ?
    3) Morini freezes new module till year 20XX and presents it later as know-how?

  4. Well the matchguns mg1e module is also quite small and uses an equally small battery (cant remember the type right now). With such small module and the use of battaries like cr2032 there is no need for the inside the grip aproach who in my humble opinion imposes restrictions to the shape and size of the grip. Also i wonder how the succesor to 162E will look like.

  5. Anonymous12/3/12 10:13

    y cant i find a page except this page that is about this pistol ?

  6. Hi Igor, any news on this type of electronic module for 2016?
    B Regards