Monday, September 20, 2010

Fiream Manuals

Treasure is here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MTs55 Free Pistol Series

First of all – I have heard and seen many ways of spelling and writing of this trade mark, but I would say that right variant of spelling and writing is «MTs». «Ts» must be pronounced together and not separate (the same spelling as in the word «tsarism» ['za:rizem] or «tsar» [za:]). Not «M-T-S». Many of you say «MU55» or «Vostok» or «Baikal» and I don’t know why. I suppose that all USSR weapons were exported under one name (one exporter) «Vostok» and you know these all products as «Vostok» no matter TOZ35 or MTs55.

Also, MTs55 was a family of free pistols produced in USSR from 1961 to 1990 by TsKIB SOO.
TsKIB SOO (Russian abbr.: «ЦКИБ СОО» or full name «Центральное конструкторско-исследовательское бюро спортивного и охотничьего оружия». Full name in English: «Central Design and Research Bureau of sports and hunting weapons»). It is not so easy as may noticed. It is not a factory or something like this. It is state research bureau. Only high quality limited editions. The bureau has own website (unfortunately fully non-informative).

The series of MTs55 free pistols:
  • MTs55, 1795 pistols produced from 1961 to 1980;
  • MTs55-1, 466 pistols produced from 1971 to 1990;
  • MTs55-1M, 514 pistols produced from 1981 to 1990.
I need a couple of high quality photos of MTs55 for my gallery. If you own MTs55 – please make a couple of pictures for me on bright background (at least from left and right). Without direct flash (reflected flash light or natural light from window is OK). Thank you.

UPDATE: MTs 55-1M exploded view 

UPDATE 2: MTs-55-1M User Manual

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some news about SP One

Some insider information.
Also. The SP One got new grip (on the photo below).
The pistol is not yet in production. Why? The SP One was presented during WCH 2010, Bavarian and German Championships 2010. Many many shooters glanced at the pistol and expressed their opinion about it. All rightful and interesting opinions may not be ignored and under these circumstances some parts and details of the pistol must be fixed/changed to get better look & feel. Every movement costs time and money. It is not so easy as we want it to be. Please be patient and I hope Demyan soon presents finally serial version.
UPDATE: As I know the pistol will be finished in black. The prototype below doesn’t have finished surfaces.
Photo: SP One with new grip
SP One with new grip

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pardini updates electronic module

Due to the problems with switch button Pardini is preparing next update of its electronic module. New module has no switch anymore. Instead of switch there will be a circuit breaker with warranty 100.000 shots. First deployment in October 2010. It will be possible to update old pistols but some parts of the trigger group must be also updated (replaced).
Photo: new Pardini's electronic module