Monday, September 27, 2010

igorex x2 — showdown

Tomorrow I will test for the first time this active weight system. It will be hard and long-running test (till the spring 2011?). It is impossible to test this weight system during one evening since there are too much parameters to play with:
  1. Metal rod.
    I have two variants at the moment — ∅ 6.8mm X 45mm and ∅ 6.8mm X 30mm. Both made of tungsten. It is also possible to prepare unlimited number of steel variants (different length, different diameter). Tungsten is a little bit expensive to experiment with.
  2. Springs.
    At the moment I have only two dummy 10mm long hard springs. Absolutely unsuitable for my case. This week I will get soft springs in proper diameter. Here I have also unlimited number of variants – length of the spring, diameter of the wire, place the springs in front of the metal rod or behind of it (or both).
  3. I can set initial pressure in quiescent state rotating screws on the front side.
  4. I can shorten the both chambers (the current depth is 60mm).
  5. I can tilt whole weight system a little bit (about 3°-5°).
  6. I can try different ammo (in the range of 250-330m/s).
Now – 24 hours before the first shot – I can conclude: the balance is absolutely OK and I like it and it is diffidently different comparing to standard AW93. The muzzle is a little bit heavier – exactly what I expected and wanted. Nice surprise – I expected that 1250g will be too much for my hand but the feelings are fine, nice balance.
I want to thank Rene Vogn and Jens Peter Bindesbøll for inspiration and indirect given idea.

UPDATE: The weight systems works. Today two independent people tried to shoot without and with the weight system using 330m/s ammo and both said: «It is better with it». My notices as follows: shooting without the weight — the sights jump up to top edge of the target (sub 5 hold). With the weight — the sights jump up to the top edge of the black circle. It is big difference. The sights come safe back. Tried 10 seconds standard pistol — good. Satisfied.
It was the first part. As already said — too many things to experiment with.

Friday, September 24, 2010

igorex x2 – first prototype

We have designed second variant with two sections («igorex x2»). So we saved about 40g. Total current weight is less than 100g (with tungsten rods etc).
Yesterday cut first prototype for tests using small manual CNC-machine.
And tungsten was very hard to cut (I have found one 90mm long rod). Unbelievable.
Now all surfaces must be polished.
UPDATE: Main surfaces are polished, sharp edges removed. Metal part have some differences comparing to CAD model — it was not so easy to cut on manual milling machine.
We have already found fully numeric 7-axis CNC milling machine and after tests of the prototype and some minimal changes we want to order batch of 5-10 pieces.
Photo: igorex x2
igorex x2
Photo: igorex x2 (polished)
igorex x2 (polished)
Photo: igorex x2 (CAD model)
igorex x2 (CAD model)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intelligenter Waffengebrauch

Wie könnten wir den Missbrauch verhindern oder solche Wahrscheinlichkeit so gering zu halten wie möglich? Elektronischer Abzug existiert bereits seit 20 Jahren. Also:
  • Alle neue Pistolen mit einer kleinen Kamera aufrüsten und der Abzug wird nur dann frei gegeben, wann die Pistole und Lauf auf Scheibe zeigt (Embedded Linux analysiert Kamerabild und sucht nach einem schwarzen Fleck);
  • Alle neue Pistolen mit RFID-Technologie aufrüsten. Solche Pistolen werden am Schießstand erkannt und Abzug wird freigegeben (Gebrauch nur am Schießstand möglich).
 Zur Information:
  • Es gibt wirklich kleine Kameras – z.B. Misumi MO-R803 4,4mm x 15mm;
  • Es gibt wirklich kleine Linux Distributionen – z.B. Picotux (ein Linux System kaum größer als ein RJ45-Stecker);
  • Es gibt passive und aktive RFID-Chips, Funktionalität-Distanz von ein paar Zentimetern bis zu 300 Metern.
Die Sportwaffenproduzenten selbst sind sehr passiv in diesem Bereich. Warum sollen sie etwas ändern? Es wird nichts gemacht solange typische und klassische Waffen gut gekauft werden. Oder Bundestag zwingt Produzenten das zu machen (im Fall Deutschland, nach Amokläufe).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fiream Manuals

Treasure is here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MTs55 Free Pistol Series

First of all – I have heard and seen many ways of spelling and writing of this trade mark, but I would say that right variant of spelling and writing is «MTs». «Ts» must be pronounced together and not separate (the same spelling as in the word «tsarism» ['za:rizem] or «tsar» [za:]). Not «M-T-S». Many of you say «MU55» or «Vostok» or «Baikal» and I don’t know why. I suppose that all USSR weapons were exported under one name (one exporter) «Vostok» and you know these all products as «Vostok» no matter TOZ35 or MTs55.

Also, MTs55 was a family of free pistols produced in USSR from 1961 to 1990 by TsKIB SOO.
TsKIB SOO (Russian abbr.: «ЦКИБ СОО» or full name «Центральное конструкторско-исследовательское бюро спортивного и охотничьего оружия». Full name in English: «Central Design and Research Bureau of sports and hunting weapons»). It is not so easy as may noticed. It is not a factory or something like this. It is state research bureau. Only high quality limited editions. The bureau has own website (unfortunately fully non-informative).

The series of MTs55 free pistols:
  • MTs55, 1795 pistols produced from 1961 to 1980;
  • MTs55-1, 466 pistols produced from 1971 to 1990;
  • MTs55-1M, 514 pistols produced from 1981 to 1990.
I need a couple of high quality photos of MTs55 for my gallery. If you own MTs55 – please make a couple of pictures for me on bright background (at least from left and right). Without direct flash (reflected flash light or natural light from window is OK). Thank you.

UPDATE: MTs 55-1M exploded view 

UPDATE 2: MTs-55-1M User Manual

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some news about SP One

Some insider information.
Also. The SP One got new grip (on the photo below).
The pistol is not yet in production. Why? The SP One was presented during WCH 2010, Bavarian and German Championships 2010. Many many shooters glanced at the pistol and expressed their opinion about it. All rightful and interesting opinions may not be ignored and under these circumstances some parts and details of the pistol must be fixed/changed to get better look & feel. Every movement costs time and money. It is not so easy as we want it to be. Please be patient and I hope Demyan soon presents finally serial version.
UPDATE: As I know the pistol will be finished in black. The prototype below doesn’t have finished surfaces.
Photo: SP One with new grip
SP One with new grip

Send me interesting photos of TOZ-35

Have you or your friend ever modified TOZ-35 free pistol? Ever made compensator or other interesting part? Share your photos with internet community!
Send your photos to providing your name (if you want) and i will add your photos to my special TOZ-35 album.
Thank you.
UPDATE: The shooter below is not from UK.
UPDATE-2: I collected some photos in last years and already added them to the album. If any photos belongs to you and you don't want to see them published then write me a note and I’ll remove them.
Photo: Modified TOZ-35 free pistol
From TOZ-35

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rendered igorex

I had to draw a 3D sketch of part of the pistol to check if geometry of igorex active weight system was properly designed. Theory and CAD analyzer say: «everything is fine».
Image: rendered preview of igorex
rendered preview of igorex

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prototype of a recoil damper for AW93

The prototype of the recoil damper for Feinwerkbau AW93 standard pistol. Basis idea is the same as Pardini-Matchguns-Hämmerli have — dynamic recoil damper with steel or tungsten pins. The expected total weight of the prototype with aluminum body and pins made of tungsten is about 128g. I think that we can remove bottom short pins and save 30-50g.
Now it is right time to find CNC CAD/CAM to produce first prototype.
Many thanks to Alexander Exl who helped with CAD.
The recoil damper even got his own code name — «igorex» (Igor & Exl). Don’t confuse with «Umarex» please ☺.
Image 1: Igorex AW93 active damper
View 1
Image 2: Igorex AW93 active damper
View 2
Image 3: Igorex AW93 active damper
View 3

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tested top three small bore pistols

Today I got the opportunity to test top three small bore pistols – the same test-shooter (me), the same ammo (RWS Pistol Match).

Everything written below may not be the absolute truth.

All pistols are nice balanced and all of them have nice trigger.

Matchguns MG2E Rapid Fire
Uncomfortable place of the hammer lock switch (you need three hands to move this switch or you must use your belly as support). The Cesare’s grip is too detailed (I don’t like such complicated relief), I like simple forms. If you have a misfire then it is possible that during unloading of the pistol two or three cartridges pop out of the magazine and fall down. Too much things to care about. Don’t forget to clean a bore before important competitions – dirty chamber is the first reason for a malfunction!
Recoil – soft and stretched in time, the muzzle jumps on 11 o’clock then the muzzle falls down, the feeling like pneumatic hammer in the hands.
Advantages – if you are Matchguns’ fun then you can have pistols for all disciplines and after finding your right shape of the grip (with Cesare’s help or not) you can ask Matchguns to make a copy of it for all your other pistols. Cool – the same shape of the grip everywhere.

Pardini SP Rapid Fire (old)
I suppose I tested the model from the year 2007. Electronic trigger and old style heavy slide. Nice grip – it is OK «out-of-box». Nice feelings.
Recoil – short and sharp as a blade, the muzzle jumps exactly on 12 o’clock then comes back very fast. Don’t forget to clean a bore before important competitions – dirty chamber is the first reason for a malfunction!
Nothing to add. Nice, nice, nice.

Walther SSP (old)
One of the first pistols this series. Two extra weights mounted – standard static and one more active below (special weight with damping).
Owner has troubles with magazines (troubles with popping out of the cartridges). You have to care about how exactly you load the magazine (detailed explanation you will find in the owner’s manual). Owner tries to use dry cartridges (without lubricant) or you have to clean the pistol often. For competitions owner uses RWS Super Pistol 250.
Recoil – soft and stretched in time, the muzzle jumps on 11 o’clock then comes back. Finer recoil comparing to Matchguns but largely the same.

P.S. As owner of Feinwerkbau AW93 I can write following – for me it is no matter how I load magazine, no matter how dirty is the chamber. It simply works. But in the same time AW93 is not for shooter who likes rake angle of the grip. Recoil – not short, not stretched in time – somewhere in the middle, the muzzle jumps exactly on 12 o’clock and remains there due to too light muzzle (can be fixed with extra weights). Now I understand that I won’t new pistol for rapid fire at the moment but if I would have free 2000 Euro I would try Pardini due to fast recovery time after shot.

Pardini updates electronic module

Due to the problems with switch button Pardini is preparing next update of its electronic module. New module has no switch anymore. Instead of switch there will be a circuit breaker with warranty 100.000 shots. First deployment in October 2010. It will be possible to update old pistols but some parts of the trigger group must be also updated (replaced).
Photo: new Pardini's electronic module