Saturday, September 18, 2010

MTs55 Free Pistol Series

First of all – I have heard and seen many ways of spelling and writing of this trade mark, but I would say that right variant of spelling and writing is «MTs». «Ts» must be pronounced together and not separate (the same spelling as in the word «tsarism» ['za:rizem] or «tsar» [za:]). Not «M-T-S». Many of you say «MU55» or «Vostok» or «Baikal» and I don’t know why. I suppose that all USSR weapons were exported under one name (one exporter) «Vostok» and you know these all products as «Vostok» no matter TOZ35 or MTs55.

Also, MTs55 was a family of free pistols produced in USSR from 1961 to 1990 by TsKIB SOO.
TsKIB SOO (Russian abbr.: «ЦКИБ СОО» or full name «Центральное конструкторско-исследовательское бюро спортивного и охотничьего оружия». Full name in English: «Central Design and Research Bureau of sports and hunting weapons»). It is not so easy as may noticed. It is not a factory or something like this. It is state research bureau. Only high quality limited editions. The bureau has own website (unfortunately fully non-informative).

The series of MTs55 free pistols:
  • MTs55, 1795 pistols produced from 1961 to 1980;
  • MTs55-1, 466 pistols produced from 1971 to 1990;
  • MTs55-1M, 514 pistols produced from 1981 to 1990.
I need a couple of high quality photos of MTs55 for my gallery. If you own MTs55 – please make a couple of pictures for me on bright background (at least from left and right). Without direct flash (reflected flash light or natural light from window is OK). Thank you.

UPDATE: MTs 55-1M exploded view 

UPDATE 2: MTs-55-1M User Manual


  1. Nice info. Do you know the differences between the 3 models?

  2. Everything I know - the first one had the breech lever on the bottom of a grip like TOZ35 - and the MTs55-1 and MTs55-1M have special opening lever in front of trigger guard. The later model had better groups.
    Olympic champion Melentiev used MTs55 (first series).

    1. Looking at this video it seems that Skanaker used a MTs55-1 or 1m in 1972. That is not consistent with the info above that states they are made between 1981 and 1990.

    2. Yes. It is not so easy to find something about it.
      Here is eGun offer and owner writes about 1971. Hm...
      I will change the date to 1971.

  3. Anonymous5/10/10 00:39

    Hmm, my MTs55 is of the second type and was produced in 1973. Give me some time for the photos.

  4. I also have a МЦ-55-1. If you still need some photos, I can try to make them.

  5. Hello Valērijs! Just do it. Nice big photos...

    If you have user manual and if you could make a photo copy for us (or PDF-copy) - it would be great.


  6. Tag for interest... seems like manuals are pretty much non-existent...

  7. MTs-55-1M Manual in PDF

  8. Dear Igor,

    I watched the testing of the FWB AW93 with the active weight system very impressed.

    Testing active weight system with Feinwerkbau AW93 You tube.

    Where can I buy one of these?

    Best regards,


    1. Hello,

      It was only a test. Unfortunately I have only one hand-made exemplar.

      best wishes.

  9. Hello Igor,

    Since a few months I'm the proud owner of a MTs 55-1. Since I'm a left- handed shooter, I had to make my own grip on it
    I have tried to make some pictures, and put them on Picasa:

  10. Anonymous11/7/13 15:57


    Since a few months, I'm also the proud owner of a MTs 55-1. It has been made in 1980.
    I know that there were about 1000 MTs55-1 of made.
    I'm trying to identify all of them, all around the world.
    At this time, I listed 100 of them.
    Can you give me the serial number of yours ?
    I imagine to create a web site especialy for this magic pistol. I will informe you.
    Thanks for your helps.
    Ben from Paris (France)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have an MTU 55-1 and the first two numbers are 67. This is surely not manufactured in 1967 and contradicts the statement that the first two numbers are the year of manufacture.

  11. Hello Ben,
    If you mail me to, I will send you the serial number.
    I'm looking forward to your website! It is a magic pistol indeed, it makes this demanding discipline a little bit easier :-)

  12. Hi guys i am trying to locate some spare parts for the MU55-1, is there anywhere that i can get these parts from? I have a friend who has an mu55 but a part has broken after about 35years.

  13. Hello mr. Igor.
    I have one MU 55-1 serial number 760548. Been using it almost 8 years now. It always nice and good to shoot with this pistol until yesterday things happened. The trigger shoe seem to fall out of the spring internaly. I dont know how to dismount the gun and fix the problem.
    Do you have any idea..???

    1. Hello! I cannot imagine what problem you have without any photo.

  14. WHERE CAN I BUY A MTS 55-1 (1st-2nd-3rd release)?
    Thank Tou and all the best
    Roberto Messina - ITALY

    1. Buy one in Germany and import it to Italy.

      Track this page and may be someone will offer one MTs-55 soon.