Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some news about SP One

Some insider information.
Also. The SP One got new grip (on the photo below).
The pistol is not yet in production. Why? The SP One was presented during WCH 2010, Bavarian and German Championships 2010. Many many shooters glanced at the pistol and expressed their opinion about it. All rightful and interesting opinions may not be ignored and under these circumstances some parts and details of the pistol must be fixed/changed to get better look & feel. Every movement costs time and money. It is not so easy as we want it to be. Please be patient and I hope Demyan soon presents finally serial version.
UPDATE: As I know the pistol will be finished in black. The prototype below doesn’t have finished surfaces.
Photo: SP One with new grip
SP One with new grip


  1. Anonymous17/9/10 02:59

    I wish the best of luck to the Demyan people and their SP One project.

  2. Anonymous17/9/10 03:03

    I noticed on the picture above that the iron sights have been left on the white. But I'm wondering whether this shiney finish on the iron sights may somehow affect their visibility--as most pistols have darkened sights.

    On the other hand, it looks like there are no rubber or plastic parts on the SP One which makes me feel like this pistol will be very tough and durable. That's something I like from the point of a consumer who has to shell out a lot of cash for this sort of purchase.

  3. Anonymous17/9/10 15:28

    Nice post Igor. Looking at that picture you bundled together with this article it seems like the trigger guard is narrower than that of the AW93. If that happens to be the case, do you know if people with long hands have complained about the trigger guard interfering with the movement of their trigger finger?

  4. Thanks for the info. Do you know if the SP One is based on the KhR or the KhRB design?

  5. Next time I must examine sp08 exactly to be able to answer.
    It is 100% typical KhR design,... but "B" or not "B" - I don't know exactly at the moment.

  6. Alexander14/3/11 02:52

    R.I.P. ?