Thursday, October 7, 2010

One good photo

Mikhail Nestruev and his TOZ-49 revolver. With this revolver Mikhail established World Record (594).
Photo: Mikhail Nestruev and his TOZ-49 revolver

Air Pistol by Demyan - Part 2

Demyan published some new photos.
Photo: Demyan Air Pistol
Photo: Demyan Air Pistol

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Demyan Company

I suppose that some of you think that Demyan Company is a small 2-3 men company residing in some basement, everything they have is a set of files & rasps. You are wrong. They have modern CNC-Machines, they work with 3D Solid Models, they own finishing equipment, they invest money in development of electronic trigger systems and electric striker/hammer systems etc.

Imagine an electric hammer with total weight of 8g and impact energy about 60 Joules and total way of movement about 3mm. Look at this video — Artem Khadjibekov tests such hammer with a coin. After test you will see a deep trace on the coin. It is enough for any rim fire cartridge or for opening 300bar air cylinder valve.

What Demyan Company does not want to do is — «one more Tesro» or «one more Röhm». Many of us think that «right absorber» and «right muzzle break» are the sole attributes of «the best gun» in the world. But there are many other ways to develop good guns.

Their YouTube channel.

Below you can see a video with «SP-08»/«SP One». The last one is impressive – almost no movement of the muzzle (I suppose it is a «SP One» rapid fire with special slide).

From 3:10 you can see some manufacturing steps.

Some photos.
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Photo: Efim Khaidurov tests his SP-08/SP One
Photo: Olympic Champion Artem Khadjibekov tests Air Rifle designed by Demyan
Photo: Testing electronic trigger and electric hammer
Photo: Charging electronics from USB

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Testing igorex x2

Today wanted to test igorex x2 in rapid fire. It was first rapid fire training session since the end of August. Filmed a little bit with my mobile camera (15fps). 49+48, 47+49, 41+45. Absolutely satisfied.

Air pistol by Demyan

Yesterday on the 1st October Demyan demonstrated his first single shot air pistol. No mass production plans at the moment.
  • Short version available (balanced even better than long one);
  • Ported barrel;
  • Pellet is directly and manually inserted into the barrel (like Steyr LP10);
  • Air valve lays on the axis of the barrel (economy way comparing to the other pistols);
  • Fully adjustable trigger;
  • Adjustable angle of the grip;
  • Removable 300 bar air cylinder;
  • Air reduction gear can be adjusted from the outside (velocity);
  • Air reduction gear with intermediate air buffer (after removing of the air cylinder you still have a portion of air within it);
  • Muzzle break with adjustable nozzle;
  • Triangle front sight and adjustable rear sight;
  • Dry firing mode available;
Photo: Single shot air pistol by Demyan