Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rapid Fire Pistol seems to be dying

Last week, during the World Cup Final 2010 in Munich, ISSF introduced a couple of changes for the final part of event. Especially significant changes were introduced during the rapid fire pistol final stage.
I sent a letter criticizing proposed rule changes to the ISSF Pistol Committee Chairman. Mrs. Susan B. Abbott, I am sure, is a specialist in shooting sport and understands too that we don’t need «casino-system» in our sport. Mrs. Chairman replies:
«Our goals are the same as those of the shooters - to have the best man win the gold medal - by skill and not by chance».
Pressure from IOC seems to be strong enough to kill our next fascinating discipline – rapid fire pistol. In shooting sport are only interested active amateur and professional shooters, former shooters, members of their families and friends. The shooting sport and «show-casino-system» are incompatible. I like precision and concentration and I don’t want any TopGuns. Is show so important for IOC? OK. Let’s make show but separately as extra competition and not instead of classic discipline.

I also want to know – what Mr. President, Olegario Vázquez Raña, will do to protect shooting sport now? Mr. President is a member of IOC since 1995 and we have already lost running target. By the way Mr. President is also member of IOC marketing department. Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña is one of the richest Mexicans.

Steyr LP 10 E Compact - Part 4

I train with Compact version since September. Very nice. Easy to shoot. Scores have risen a little bit (1-2 points per series), but I think, that my new correction glasses plays also important role here.