Monday, January 31, 2011

München 1972

Olympic champion Ragnar Skanåker

Friday, January 28, 2011


Exist three main types of striker for TOZ-35 free pistol.
  • «A» – most of them were delivered with TOZ-35M;
  • «B» – transient type, delivered with both – TOZ-35 and TOZ-35M;
  • «C» – most of them were delivered with TOZ-35.
Most reliable of them for most ammo is «C». No problems at all. Shape is important. Impact force effectively used for safe ignition. Striker itself is very reliable and if you have misfires then change main spring.
You could try to change the shape of impact area using needle file but you must understand what are you doing. Don’t try to change the impact area depth – only shape. Inappropriate depth may damage striker and chamber.
Image: TOZ-35 Striker. Effective impact area.
TOZ-35 Striker. Effective impact area.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


395 – именно столько очков набрала Алена Костевич в упражнении в стрельбе из пневматического пистолета на открытом кубке Украины (20-24 января 2011). 98-98-99-100. Алена превзошла свой собственный рекорд на 1 очко.
Позже, в основном старте, Алена показала результат 393 очка (96-98-100-99).

Фото: Алена Костевич
Алена Костевич

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LP10E velocity chart

Tried to test groups with compensator and without it. I will not publish groups, since second test needed.
Adding extra 75g weights on the grip moves the center of mass rearwards. Very nice.
Two felt stripes between tank and barrel body prevent scratches (Walther air pistols have something like this out of the box).

Chart: LP10E Compact velocity
Photo: weights on the grip
Weights on the grip

Friday, January 14, 2011

LP10E. Side effects of the electronic trigger

I am a little bit disappointed by one noticeable side effect on the electronic trigger: slowly pulling the trigger sometimes I get second click (actually it is second activation of the inner solenoid). Analogue: try to play with a light switch in your room. Press switch slowly, trying to find transition area between ON and OFF states – lamp will start to blink. Contact is not fixed.

Obviously the following happens: I pull the trigger – shot – inner reaction of the body (sudden and surprising shot) – the finger gives a little bit up (about 1/8mm would be enough to disconnect contacts) – follow through stage (second activation of the solenoid). May be I am a bad shooter but I don’t like second click.

One solid confident movement of the finger helps.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clocca for Android

Lightweight version of Clocca for Android 2.1 and newer.
What is Clocca?
Leichte Version von Clocca für Android 2.1 und aufwärts.
Was ist Clocca?
Упрощенная версия Clocca для Андроида 2.1 и выше.
Что такое Clocca?
Screenshot: Clocca for Android
Clocca for Android