Saturday, April 30, 2011

Electromechanical trigger – working circuit

Wow, it works! Relatively fast recharge time. Nice.
UPDATE: Current project costs — about 450 €.
Next aim: debugging and prepare compact working prototype (as Steyr Electronic).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Modified TOZ-35 free pistol - new photos

Some new pics.
Photo: Steyr rear sight replaces TOZ-35 factory rear sight.
Steyr rear sight. By Ramides Voigt from TOZ-35 gallery.
Photo: Leonid Ekimov and his new TOZ-35 free pistol.
Modified front sight. ISSF YouTube channel

Electromechanical trigger – part 2

Coming back to our prototype for electromechanical trigger for TOZ-35 free pistol I want to say that I use holidays with profit and I’ve finally found time to continue.
Today I have finished the second important part – adjustable impulse generator. Adjustable, I mean, we can control how long the voltage is applied to a solenoid. One more good news – if later strain gauge will not prove its right for existence we can replace this part with usual switch button (all modern sport electromechanical triggers based on switch buttons).