Friday, May 27, 2011

25m target simulator

I have bought nice hand made 25m target simulator – Kamertonsk.
With this device I can train at home center fire pistol rapid fire stage and rapid fire pistol. Hand made but works fine. On the video below I demonstrate how it works. Looks so red but it is a problem of my camera.


  1. Anonymous2/6/11 20:18

    Nice one. Do you know if I can buy one of this and what the price will be?

  2. Anonymous3/6/11 18:17

    Write personally to the e-mail and you will answer.

  3. I wrote Alexander two words about potential request in English. I hope you all will receive your answers.

  4. Anonymous27/6/11 11:24

    LYAPUNOV Timofey uses on trainings "Kamerton".