Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grand Prix of Liberation 2011

Photo: Pål Hembre (NOR)
Pål Hembre (NOR). By Radim Novák.
Some words about Pål Hembre.
Look at Pål’s best personal results:
Center Fire – 596, Standard pistol – 586, Rapid Fire – 588, Air Pistol – 586 etc.

In one interview Pål said:
Q: How important to have a coach?
A: I had no coach at the start, and was still good shooter… I would probably have spent less time to reach a high level…

I understand this statement as follows: Have a coach near by you? Good! No coach? It is OK. It happens.


  1. Any idea what that redish thing under the barrel is?

  2. I suppose it is Hämmerli 152 with electronic trigger. And under the barrel is a trigger module.

  3. pål.. the man to beat in norway;) still trying, but i guess it will take some time.
    impressive results for a great period of time.

  4. Anonymous2/5/12 23:55

    It's a Hämmerli 152, and the electronic module was moved from the grip to the barrel, to give room for the hand.
    The electronic box is covered with a red rubber ballon to protect the electronic :-)

    This year the rubber protection is black.

    Pål Hembre

  5. Hello Pål,
    Thank you for details.