Friday, May 20, 2011

How-to fix problem with Steyr LP10 mechanical trigger

Curious minds have offered solution for the problem with Steyr LP10 mechanical. User Grizlik published this idea.

Description of the problem:
Under some trigger settings the part #57 (Trigger Sear) rebounds off the part #27 (Grip locking rod) and hits part #56.1 (Trigger lever). Sometimes you can feel this «kick» on your index finger.
Once again: trigger sear holds hammer, you pull the trigger and trigger sear frees the hammer, trigger sear continues its rotation and hits grip locking rod. Ooops. Trigger sear rebounds off the grip locking rod and «flies» back and hits trigger lever. You must feel it immediately on the index finger. Try it now. If you are satisfied with your trigger feelings - let it as is. Want to fix this issue? You must find a small rare-earth magnet and place it between frame and grip locking rod (see photos below). Now trigger sear hits grip locking rod and remains there. Consequences of the magnetization are unknown at the moment but shooter does not report any problems with the trigger or pellet velocity.
Second possible solution: you can modify the grip locking rod placing for example a piece of lead or another soft material so that trigger sear does not rebound off the grip locking rod.


  1. Anonymous28/7/13 18:53

    Hallo, das störende Anschlagen der Klinke an die Griffstange #27 habe ich mit einem Schrumpfschlauch über den oberen Bereich der Griffstange gelöst. Querstift rausschlagen, Griffstange mit Schrumpfschlauch ummanteln, Bohrung nacharbeiten, montieren - fertig.
    Gruß Jörg

    1. Hallo! Deine Lösung gefällt mir. Und heute Abend habe ich was zum Lesen (deinen Blog). Grüße

  2. Hey the sights of my LP10 is spoilt (cannot sight up or down no matter how much i turn the screw) I was wondering if it is possible to fix it on my own. It would be great if you could give me some advice as to how! Thank you!

    1. It is hard to believe that screw's thread is damaged... but who knows.
      Remove the rear sight (one screw on the top of the rear sight) and try to carefully disassemble it. Take a picture before disassembling if you are not sure how to reassemble the rear sight.