Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 2

Today I polished inner side of the both grip parts. No gap between them allowed. I fixed a piece of sand paper on table (flat surface) and polished both parts. After all I had to deepen both cuts since polishing cost another 0.3-0.5mm.

Then I took a pencil and A4 paper and outlined my hand. Took caliper and measured my hand (not the outline!).

Measurements are used as follows:

It must not be absolute exact in my case since I make grip with an adjustable palm shelf (+/-3mm is OK).

Now I draw an approximate outline of the right grip part. Then remove unnecessary wood. Now I will work only with the right part. Later I will switch to the left part. It is a rule. I think all grip makers who works with hand do so.

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Some components for TOZ-35E

Got spare empty trigger system frame with fore-end and trigger blade for my experiment.
The important news – we reject the strain gauge. We will use LP10E switch button and ready to use solenoid (on the photo below). Make own solenoid will be a little bit boring.
The strain gauge worked good during tests but this feature «eats» battery and we have no space for extra components. With a button we can withdraw about 50% components of the circuit. And some components really expensive.
In the same time switching to the circuit with a button we need to invent simple trigger system with two screws (length and weight).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 1

I wanted to try to makes my own pistol grip. I had small experience for six years but now I want to make better one.
First off all - I have spoken with gunsmith and got a couple of advices (how to get started). Only theory.
Normally beginner had to start with eastern white pine. Easy to cut. But I don't want waste my time for dummy grips and started with Turkish walnut. My blank (145x120x70mm) of walnut is a horror - the fibers permanently changes their direction and it is not so easy to cut. Looks like part of a root. In the same time - may be you know - root blanks are most expensive (beautiful pattern).
First step - prepare left and right parts of the grip with inner fitting. Normally this step takes 1-2 hours if you have CNC. I did it manually with chisel and Dremel.
Photos in the gallery.

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.32 S&W Long cartridges

Three different .32 S&W Long cartridges. From left to right: Lapua, Magtech, reloaded at home.
Lapua: height: 24.32mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.42mm.
Magtech: height: 23.20mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.28mm.
Reloaded: height: 24.42mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.44mm.
As you remember I had to fix barrel ramp and polish chamber to get reloaded cartridges work. Cartridge height is equal to Lapua, but bullet is different.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tuned Matchguns MG5 free pistol

Gunsmith of Russian shooting team demonstrated a couple of photos. It is Matchguns MG5 free pistol. Custom barrel, custom front sight mount and custom grip. Other details are not known to me.
As author says: «now the pistol is ready for achievements».

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dikec Yusuf wins gold in air pistol men

Dikec Yusuf (TUR) won today his first ISSF medal. Gold medal. My sincere congratulations.
New champions, new faces – i find it good for shooting sport worldwide.
About 5 or 6 shooters have used Walther LP400 air pistol today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New trigger shoe for Hämmerli SP20

Walther offers new trigger shoe for all Hämmerli SP20 pistols. Alu trigger shoe. Anodized. Different colors. Price – 25 Euro. I think i will do something like this for me. Old one is not for long finger.

Rapid fire pistol final

I have asked some coaches and some shooters about new rapid fire pistol final format and all of them answered – «it is nonsense, crazy biathlon races, it will be a roulette in London 2012».

Today after the final emcee asked: «I hope you line new finals. Don’t you?». I think that only 5% of spectators (shooters and team members) applauded. Whistling would be a better answer.

I have calculated approximately final scores using old rules (i took four first series in account):
  1. Milev (USA) 583 + 202,8 = 785,8
  2. Reitz (GER) 583 + 201,9 = 784,9
    Klimov (RUS) 589 + 195,9 = 784,9
  3. Strnad (CZE) 582 + 202,1 = 784,1
  4. Schumann (GER) 581 + 201,4 = 782,4
  5. Zhang (CHN) 586 + 187,8 = 773,8

P.S.: Some new timings in the gallery.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rapid fire pistol timings

Rain and wind all day long. Some shooters were surprised by the wind... especially rapid fire pistol shooters. They cannot put pistols down and wait for a better moment. «3, 2, 1, start» – and it is your problem how you will get around with this situation.
In the gallery you will find some rapid fire pistol timings.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Isakov's Hämmerli FP60 free pistol

Custom front sight mount (TOZ-Look).
P.S.: My room today. Beijing t-shirt on the right. Autographs of all medal winners except CRUZ Eglis Yaima (CUB).

A note to free pistol elimination

OMELCHUK Oleg (UKR). Elimination score 560. Last series was 85. Oleg's two last shots were 6 and 3.

Tiny 25m target simulator

Price about 50 USD (or Euro?)

World Cup in Munich

Rain and cold.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adjusted free pistol trigger weight

Tried the idea with a piece of sponge under the index finger. Current trigger weight about 600-700g. Untypically long for free pistol trigger way. But I like it very much.
First training last week I had a tight group of 30 shots without «7» (unusual for me).
Today not so successful and only twenty shots (with dry fire click between shots).
9, 9, 10, 10, 10, (pause), 9, 9, 10, 8, 8, 10, 8, 8 (or 7), 8, 8, 8, 9, 10, 9, 9.