Sunday, June 26, 2011

.32 S&W Long cartridges

Three different .32 S&W Long cartridges. From left to right: Lapua, Magtech, reloaded at home.
Lapua: height: 24.32mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.42mm.
Magtech: height: 23.20mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.28mm.
Reloaded: height: 24.42mm, crimp edge diameter: 8.44mm.
As you remember I had to fix barrel ramp and polish chamber to get reloaded cartridges work. Cartridge height is equal to Lapua, but bullet is different.


  1. Anonymous3/7/11 21:27

    Would be nice if you will share the load data and bullet label of your home reloaded cartridge. Which 32 guns do you use? Have you compared all above in an ransom rest, and/or cronograph?


  2. 100 Grain H&N Lead Wadcutter
    1,7 Grain Vihtavuori N320

    Quick-Load software data:
    IPSC-Factor: 74,2
    V0: 226m/s
    Pressure max: 683 bar
    Pressure muzzle: 95 bar

  3. Pistol: Hämmerli SP20 (first series)

    With this cartridges I did a couple of 49 & 50 during competitions.

  4. Anonymous3/7/11 23:36

    Ok, thanks! So you are really using N320? How is that compared to the N310, that most 32wc reloaders actually use? I understand you can put in more grains in each cartridge, which is good, but how is the feeling and recoil? (if you compare to N310). I usually hear 32 reloaders say that Vo speed shall be around 190-200 m/s, what do you think about that? (despite you say 226 for your reloads)

  5. I have bought used .32 SP20 for two years and never tried other loads/ammo. This load I got from team mate, experienced loader.

    I have also some Lapua & Magtech - but didn't tried them.