Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 1

I wanted to try to makes my own pistol grip. I had small experience for six years but now I want to make better one.
First off all - I have spoken with gunsmith and got a couple of advices (how to get started). Only theory.
Normally beginner had to start with eastern white pine. Easy to cut. But I don't want waste my time for dummy grips and started with Turkish walnut. My blank (145x120x70mm) of walnut is a horror - the fibers permanently changes their direction and it is not so easy to cut. Looks like part of a root. In the same time - may be you know - root blanks are most expensive (beautiful pattern).
First step - prepare left and right parts of the grip with inner fitting. Normally this step takes 1-2 hours if you have CNC. I did it manually with chisel and Dremel.
Photos in the gallery.

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  1. This part (cutting out the innerside)seems to be the easy one to me, as you have all the right measurements. I'm very! interested in part 2. By the way, do you use the Pfeil chissels?

  2. Yes, looks not so difficult but must fit fine.
    I have two chisels.