Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tiny 25m target simulator

Price about 50 USD (or Euro?)


  1. Anonymous26/6/11 08:00

    Where can you buy those tiny Target Simulators? I would like to get one.
    Who is the agent for them?
    I am in Australia.
    Alex L.

  2. Anonymous26/6/11 16:29

  3. @Alex
    Kamerton must work fine but you must care about money transfer and hope that parcel won't get lost between Russia and Australia.

    Target simulator above shipped with wired remote control ("start"-button).
    Target Simulator was offered by SCATT representatives in Munich. But as I have heard Ukrainian pistol coach offers this simulator too.

    Try to contact Australian international pistol shooters. I am sure they will bring you this simulator.
    Lalita Yauhleuskaya takes part in World Cup Final and Ukrainian coach will be there.