Monday, July 4, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 3

This time I care about the right part of the grip. This part already rough-shaped. I am gonna make a copy of Steyr LP10E grip and Petriv’s KhR-30 (rebuilt 31) grip (both grips made by Niyazi Ibrahimov). I find Ibrahimov’s grips absolute hi-end in pistol shooting. Classics. Everything he does, he does very well. Well, I am going to imitate this shape.
Draw the contours of the future shape. Two plugs will help to void possible breakage at this thin place (wood glue, plugs - diameter 4mm and about 25mm tall). The plugs cross fibers of the wood at this place (about 90 degrees).
I did not forget about left part. There we will use second type of support plugs - inlay. The problem is that direction of the fibers of left part is different (comparing to right part).
The left part – vertical fibers, the right part - horizontal fibers (at least at the top).

First appearance of the future shape. Fits fine.

I do not make the right part 100% ready. Only rough work. So I keep space for possible errors. And I have already done one error – the cut under the rear sight is to deep. Too much air there between pistol frame and grip. I had to use inlay to fix this problem. It is normal. If you make a mistake – use inlay and cut this place again.
Time to define fix position for both parts relative to each other. I used two plugs. Later both parts will be glued together. Forever.
I also prepare the left part. I draw some outlines.

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  1. Anonymous9/7/11 22:48

    Nice work! Will it be a part 4?
    How is this grip compared to your old grip?