Friday, August 26, 2011

Pardini SP1 RF overview

I wanted to test Pardini SP1 Rapid Fire electronics and bought one yesterday. New bolt, new electronics, but frame itself from 2009-2010. Looks like new one and 600 € off the catalog price. I couldn’t say no.
Pardini SPs have muzzle-heavy balance and too much rake in the factory grip angle as you know. The balance is new for me but not a problem.
The trigger is good. I tried some trigger settings and found what I wanted. Position of the trigger shoe can be adjusted in many ways and in the same time there is not so much place for index finger (see the photos below). My finger contacts with trigger guard. I have the same problem with my new Feinwerkbau AW93 grip (more raked angle). My index finger contacts the AW93 trigger guard in the same way. Therefore I must specially control and correct the position of my index finger before each series.
Solution with the batteries and power on/off switch is better than in Steyr LP10E – no nasty wires. In the same time it will be not so easy to reproduce own grip at home without good milling machine.
New bolt is light and has own buffer.
The ejector/reflector is built in magazine.
Test shooting was good. No problem with RWS C25. Fast recovery. Nice trigger. Nice groups. Smallest group I could achieve during test shooting had 45mm diameter.
  • Trigger: excellent (except trigger guard);
  • Grip: good;
  • Balance: good;
  • Sights: very good (but a little bit high relative to the hand, could be lower, rear sight depth could be adjustable);
  • Standard deployment: very good (tools, spare firing pin, two magazines, carrying case);
  • User manual: bad;
  • Quality, surfaces, look & feel: very good; 
  • Shooting/recoil/control: very good;
  • All together: good+++;
Wish list:
  • Lower sighting line;
  • Adjustable rear sight depth;
  • More space for index finger;
  • User manual with all details;
  • Technically important 6th click in rapid fire must be possible with empty chamber and without plastic plug and other tricks (virtual 6th target).

TOZ-35 Balance

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Role of team gunsmith

I am sure that all professional shooters know better what to do, but…
What exactly team gunsmith does?
Answer: permanent support during competition.
For example. World Cup in Munich 2011. Rapid fire pistol men. LLAMES Jorge (ESP) had a problem with his Matchguns MG2 pistol. Can happen. Having only one allowed malfunction during one stage Jorge shoots next series. He had second malfunction (I hope I remember it right).
Second example: European Championship in Belgrade 2011. Rapid fire pistol men. BONDARUK Roman (UKR) had allowed multifunction during second stage (it was first 6 seconds series as I remember). What he does? Roman took time-out. Being sure that the pistol works and all problems are fixed Roman finishes with the next relay. Second place and Olympic quota place.

Old rapid fire pistol final format at German Championship 2011

Thumb up!
It obvious that new final format is not ready and has nothing to do with fairness.
Only happy winners say «I like it». What else should they say? «I am not happy to win being 10 points behind qualification leader»!?!? But today's happy winners must remember, that next time being 10 point ahead in qualification they can be last after new «media-internet-publicity-social-facebook-youtube friendly» final.
In the meantime we will enjoy old style final format at German Championship 2011.

Zeroing of qualification score in the final stage is less of a problem. My frustration is caused by scoring:
10.9 + 10.9 + 10.9 + 10.9 + 9.6 = 53.2 (4 points)
9.7 + 9.7 + 9.7 + 9.7 + 9.7 = 48.5 (5 points).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make trigger shoe for Hämmerli SP20

One lazy Sunday. I wasted five hours making new aluminum trigger shoe for my Hämmerli SP20 .32 S&W center fire pistol.
Original trigger shoe is ugly and designed for very short finger. And it is made of metal powder (powder metallurgy). It is possible to break it with your finger during trigger pull. Can you imagine – you are during a competition with broken trigger shoe?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 8. Final.

This is a final post about how I made a pistol grip.
I trained two weeks with this grip and today I finalized shape and all surfaces.
The first problem was with the equipment measurement box for 25m pistols (300x150x50mm). The pistol was a little bit higher than allowed 50mm (about 54mm). I polished the left part of the grip to fit the measurement box. The right part is untouchable. Remember, if your grip fits fine but doesn’t fit measurement box – cut or polish the left part.
The second problem was 90-degree rule and I had to fix palm shelf angle (1mm).
The final step – polishing. I polished all surfaces with a sandpaper #40. Then took soft cloth and wiped all surfaces with warm water. After the surfaces dried I polished them with sandpaper #100. Then repeated the wiping with warm water and let it dry. Polished all parts once again with sandpaper #220 and wiped them with warm water. Let it dry. Finishing in my case was 100% natural linseed oil (flax seed oil). All parts are twice-coated. Flax oil is proper protection for wood in this case.
The photos are nothing special. Bad light. Wooden pattern shines under sunlight. 

I also promised to make a photo of my two main tools. Stubai firmer-gouge #6 and Stubai chisel 13mm.
 In September-October I will back to electronic trigger for the TOZ-35 free pistol.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TsKIB SOO MTs sport pistols

I have already posted some information about MTs 55 free pistol and TsKIB SOO but this time I want to try to cover all sport pistols (except air pistols).

TsKIB SOO is the research bureau of sports and hunting weapons.
The prefix «MTs» coded in the name of a model means «Model of TsKIB».
It is very hard to find any centralized information about MTs pistols and I hope that all dates are right. I will try to contact TsKIB and we will see if we get any official historical information, manuals, photos... something.

Early free pistols series: MTs 2, MTs 2-1, MTs 2-2 and MTs 2-3 (1956).

Early rapid fire pistols series: MTs 1-1, MTs 1-2 and MTs 3-1 «Rekord». All these models were based on the pistol designed by Mikhail Margolin (1906-1975) in 1946-1948.

Later the series of rapid fire pistols got a new breath:
MTs 1-3 (designed in 1974, 97 pistols produced between 1981-1985)
MTs 1-3M
MTs 1-3M2 (designed in 1981, 239 pistols produced between 1981-1990)
MTs 1-5 (1989)
MTs 59-1 ('80s, new design with a magazine before trigger guard)

Late free pistols series:
MTs 55 (1961-1980, 1795 pistols)
MTs 55-1 (1971-1990, 466 pistols)
MTs 55-1M (1981-1990, 514 pistols)

In '80s was designed MTs 57 (MTs 57-1, MTs 57-2). Special model for 25m sport pistol women event.

In 1994-1995 was designed special model for military rapid fire pistol event (CISM) – MTs 440.

Additional information about Margolin’s pistols. One more interesting article about Margolin.

MTs 55-1M manual snippets:
MTs-55-1M User Manual in PDF format for download.