Thursday, August 18, 2011

Make a pistol grip - part 8. Final.

This is a final post about how I made a pistol grip.
I trained two weeks with this grip and today I finalized shape and all surfaces.
The first problem was with the equipment measurement box for 25m pistols (300x150x50mm). The pistol was a little bit higher than allowed 50mm (about 54mm). I polished the left part of the grip to fit the measurement box. The right part is untouchable. Remember, if your grip fits fine but doesn’t fit measurement box – cut or polish the left part.
The second problem was 90-degree rule and I had to fix palm shelf angle (1mm).
The final step – polishing. I polished all surfaces with a sandpaper #40. Then took soft cloth and wiped all surfaces with warm water. After the surfaces dried I polished them with sandpaper #100. Then repeated the wiping with warm water and let it dry. Polished all parts once again with sandpaper #220 and wiped them with warm water. Let it dry. Finishing in my case was 100% natural linseed oil (flax seed oil). All parts are twice-coated. Flax oil is proper protection for wood in this case.
The photos are nothing special. Bad light. Wooden pattern shines under sunlight. 

I also promised to make a photo of my two main tools. Stubai firmer-gouge #6 and Stubai chisel 13mm.
 In September-October I will back to electronic trigger for the TOZ-35 free pistol.

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