Friday, August 26, 2011

Pardini SP1 RF overview

I wanted to test Pardini SP1 Rapid Fire electronics and bought one yesterday. New bolt, new electronics, but frame itself from 2009-2010. Looks like new one and 600 € off the catalog price. I couldn’t say no.
Pardini SPs have muzzle-heavy balance and too much rake in the factory grip angle as you know. The balance is new for me but not a problem.
The trigger is good. I tried some trigger settings and found what I wanted. Position of the trigger shoe can be adjusted in many ways and in the same time there is not so much place for index finger (see the photos below). My finger contacts with trigger guard. I have the same problem with my new Feinwerkbau AW93 grip (more raked angle). My index finger contacts the AW93 trigger guard in the same way. Therefore I must specially control and correct the position of my index finger before each series.
Solution with the batteries and power on/off switch is better than in Steyr LP10E – no nasty wires. In the same time it will be not so easy to reproduce own grip at home without good milling machine.
New bolt is light and has own buffer.
The ejector/reflector is built in magazine.
Test shooting was good. No problem with RWS C25. Fast recovery. Nice trigger. Nice groups. Smallest group I could achieve during test shooting had 45mm diameter.
  • Trigger: excellent (except trigger guard);
  • Grip: good;
  • Balance: good;
  • Sights: very good (but a little bit high relative to the hand, could be lower, rear sight depth could be adjustable);
  • Standard deployment: very good (tools, spare firing pin, two magazines, carrying case);
  • User manual: bad;
  • Quality, surfaces, look & feel: very good; 
  • Shooting/recoil/control: very good;
  • All together: good+++;
Wish list:
  • Lower sighting line;
  • Adjustable rear sight depth;
  • More space for index finger;
  • User manual with all details;
  • Technically important 6th click in rapid fire must be possible with empty chamber and without plastic plug and other tricks (virtual 6th target).


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