Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Role of team gunsmith

I am sure that all professional shooters know better what to do, but…
What exactly team gunsmith does?
Answer: permanent support during competition.
For example. World Cup in Munich 2011. Rapid fire pistol men. LLAMES Jorge (ESP) had a problem with his Matchguns MG2 pistol. Can happen. Having only one allowed malfunction during one stage Jorge shoots next series. He had second malfunction (I hope I remember it right).
Second example: European Championship in Belgrade 2011. Rapid fire pistol men. BONDARUK Roman (UKR) had allowed multifunction during second stage (it was first 6 seconds series as I remember). What he does? Roman took time-out. Being sure that the pistol works and all problems are fixed Roman finishes with the next relay. Second place and Olympic quota place.


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