Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TsKIB SOO MTs sport pistols

I have already posted some information about MTs 55 free pistol and TsKIB SOO but this time I want to try to cover all sport pistols (except air pistols).

TsKIB SOO is the research bureau of sports and hunting weapons.
The prefix «MTs» coded in the name of a model means «Model of TsKIB».
It is very hard to find any centralized information about MTs pistols and I hope that all dates are right. I will try to contact TsKIB and we will see if we get any official historical information, manuals, photos... something.

Early free pistols series: MTs 2, MTs 2-1, MTs 2-2 and MTs 2-3 (1956).

Early rapid fire pistols series: MTs 1-1, MTs 1-2 and MTs 3-1 «Rekord». All these models were based on the pistol designed by Mikhail Margolin (1906-1975) in 1946-1948.

Later the series of rapid fire pistols got a new breath:
MTs 1-3 (designed in 1974, 97 pistols produced between 1981-1985)
MTs 1-3M
MTs 1-3M2 (designed in 1981, 239 pistols produced between 1981-1990)
MTs 1-5 (1989)
MTs 59-1 ('80s, new design with a magazine before trigger guard)

Late free pistols series:
MTs 55 (1961-1980, 1795 pistols)
MTs 55-1 (1971-1990, 466 pistols)
MTs 55-1M (1981-1990, 514 pistols)

In '80s was designed MTs 57 (MTs 57-1, MTs 57-2). Special model for 25m sport pistol women event.

In 1994-1995 was designed special model for military rapid fire pistol event (CISM) – MTs 440.

Additional information about Margolin’s pistols. One more interesting article about Margolin.

MTs 55-1M manual snippets:
MTs-55-1M User Manual in PDF format for download.

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    Thank you a million times for this post, I have for a long time wanted to know more about Russian pistols, but there is nothing in print except Yur Yevs book! Thank you!