Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Inventor searches for sponsor.
Single shot PCP IZH-46 with potential to be individually balanced for every shooter. Or for kids.
Inventor's website in Russian.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feinwerkbau C5 pistol

I have bought 20 years old Feinwerkbau C5 CO2 pistol for winter season. Substitute or alternative training for standard pistol and rapid fire pistol since I can train at 25m only from April till October.
The pistol is not bad. Tried precision shooting and no surprises at all. 46-48 is not a problem (my fast 10 seconds series were 42-47).
I have already completely disassembled the pistol twice (cleaning, checking for wear, settings) — looks good, good mechanics, no leaks. Adjustable grip angle. Nice pistol. The trigger is not so perfect as Steyr LP10E or Pardini SP1 RF, a little bit rough and scratchy, but I will check the settings again and may be it is possible to make it better.