Monday, October 10, 2011

MTs-55-1M User Manual / Bedienungsanleitung

MTs-55-1M (aka MU-55-1M / MC-55-1M) User Manual.

Bedienungsanleitung für MTs-55-1M.

Паспорт на МЦ-55-1М.

Download / Скачать. PDF. 15.5Mb (Russian).


Download PDF. 1.5Mb (English).


  1. Thank you, been looking for that for a long time!

  2. I will prepare translation soon.

  3. Anonymous6/10/11 22:32

    INcredible !
    That's what I have been waiting for !
    I bought this wonderful pistol and I need this book as it shows everything.........
    ONly problem is : I am not able to read russian !

  4. 50% of translation done... English ver. will be available soon.

  5. Anonymous6/10/11 22:41

    Oh, by the way: My serial number is 740132, can I find out when this MC55 was made ?
    Says MC55-1E

    I really appreciate your help !

  6. 1 year ago I bought a beautyful MC55-1 and now thanks to your translation of the owner's manual I understad what is written in the booklet that came with the gun.
    Thank you very much .
    My serial nr is 750287 is it possible to know when and where it was made??

    To your knowledge is it correct that only 1795 MC55-1 were made?? ( Source " Die Scheibenpistole" B. BRUKNER )

  7. According to one theory we must take 19 and first two digits.

    19 and 75 = 1975

    Approx. factory location