Sunday, October 2, 2011

Compensator for air pistol

Feinwerkbau C5 CO2 pistol tuning.
I installed following compensator (separator).
This compensator was originally installed on Demyan’s first air pistol prototype. I adapted it for my Feinwerkbau C5 and I made new front sight since original front sight was too high for C5 (Demyan’s air pistol prototype had lower center line of a bore comparing to C5 and higher front sight was needed).
Front sight consists of aluminum stand and stainless steel triangle front sight fixed by M1.4 screw. The hardest thing was bluing of the front sight at home. Perma Blue of course shows no effect on stainless steel. Finally I heated up the front sight and wiped it with Perma Blue (3-4 rounds). Last 2-3 rounds I dropped the hot part in gun oil. These steps helped a little bit.

I also installed new trigger shoe (from Steyr):
How it works:

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  1. Anonymous9/10/11 23:11

    Nice ! I don't even see the barrel moving.
    I need to figure out how to silence my C5s to get the squirrels but not bothering the neihgbors.