Sunday, October 23, 2011

Electromechanical trigger – mechanics.

Trigger mechanics and solenoid.
The trigger works without any buttons (like new PARDINI electronic trigger).

Adjustable trigger weight and length (combination of three screws). Trigger position is adjustable too. Trigger shoe is not mounted yet.

Next step – circuit.


  1. To me that looks impressive. Will you still be able to pull the trigger sideways?

  2. No. May be in next version.

    Original trigger is genial in some areas.

  3. Looks really impressive! nice job!
    where do you found the micro solenoid, what is the force required to push the firing pin sear engament? how many volts? how many ms activation?

  4. Solenoid from Steyr LP10/LP50 E.
    ~16 Volts.
    The rest is unknown till now.

  5. Very impressive work Igor!
    I started a little testing too, my firing pin activation force is around 650grams. I'm searching for a solenoid like steyr one, but i'm not lucky to found it, steyr doesn't sell only solenoid! very impressive also you circuit work!

  6. @Ruke
    I have bought the solenoid + button direct from service team during World Cup Munich 2011. It was not so cheap as I remember.

    The solenoid resistance is about 1,3 Ohm.
    160 turns on plastic inner bobbin @ 0.2mm copper wire.
    External case - some kind of soft metal. Not really hard. Easy to mill.

    Small solenoid 11-13mm diameter - is a real problem.