Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gun bluing

As you know TOZ-35 free pistol has sometimes awful crooked front sights and rear sight blades. Blue-black appearance must be restored after the shape and geometry was fixed with a file. Till yesterday I used a workaround – temporary blacking with black marker and/or lighter. This time I decided to try liquid gun blue. Cold bluing.
I wiped all visible parts of the pistol with acetone (front & rear sights, scratches etc) and after all used Perma Blue by Birchwood Casey for bluing. I didn’t polished surfaces with 1000-2000 sandpaper. Only acetone and Perma Blue. And only one round. I am satisfied with results.
Unfortunately I was unable to blue the trigger shoe (not steel?). The rest is ok: trigger guard, screws, rear sight blade, front sight, muzzle, bolt. Looks nice.
Trigger guard before and after bluing.


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