Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOZ-49 like air pistol

At exhibition in Moscow ATAMAN company (aka BVG) demonstrated air rifles and this air pistol prototype based on famous TOZ-49 revolver (designer - Efim Khaidurov).
Efim Khaidurov examines the prototype personally.
The prototype prepared by Sergey Doroshenko (young student from Moscow) together with ATAMAN company.

In the Facebook album you also can see Mikhail Nestruev. I suppose that Mikhail is a senior consultant there.


  1. It sure looks nice but what is the point? I which they would start producing the Toz-49 again and in caliber .32 or .38. Now THAT would be interesting:-)

  2. TOZ-49 ver. 2 prototype already exists. Cylinder controlled by hydraulics and other things...
    But no one knows if it will be produced.