Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orthodox trigger in air pistol

Two last weeks I shot with «tuned» trigger in my Steyr. I used the same idea in summer shooting free pistol and I liked it very much (the idea was described by Anatolii Piddubnyi in his article Muscle tone – guarantee of an accurate shot). And now I wanted to try something new and decided to do the same in air pistol. 1kg trigger in air pistol is not a big deal for me.

25-30 tens and one or two 7 is OK for such weekend shooter as me.

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  1. Anonymous27/5/13 16:57


    Have you continued since 2011 with this training?

    Is the sponge for the trigger weight or for finger support as well?

    During a match the sponge should be removed. Have you noticed any improvement in match results?