Friday, December 16, 2011

TOZ-35-E. Trigger test.

Trigger test.


  1. Very impressive, small dimension of the trigger unit, how did you do for trigger wheight and travel? it's adjustable? very very impressive, compliments again.

  2. Trigger unit is really small (milled with 1mm cutter).
    Trigger weight & length are adjustable. Trigger shoe position is adjustable too.

    I am working on battery life now. I want to get maximum. I will be satisfied with 3000-5000 clicks per battery pack (since I am not a profi in circuits).

  3. impressive again, 3000 clicks for 2xAA is cheap enough, how much bigger is circuit board, where do you put in the pistol?

  4. I test circuit with 2xAAA NiMH accus (650mAh).
    2xAAA Duracell will deliver more (1000mAh?).
    But I want to use 3v coin battery (450-650mAh 3v coin batteries exist as I know).

    Circuit board 50% ready - and expected final dimensions about 30x70mm... something like this. And it is not SMD and only one side board.

    If I could make smd... :)...
    may be next time

  5. Bob LeDoux23/12/11 00:51

    Could you provide details so others could try to replicate your work?

    I recently developed a replacement board for the Walther FP. Material is available on TargetTalk.

    Several persons have asked me about making a board for the TOZ.

    I can understand if you keep details a secret if you wish to sell your design.

  6. I will make decision after first 1000 shots :-)

    1. Yes, it would be great if you can share the details of your project with us, there are many shooters here at my local club who own TOZ and would be extremely interesting in electronic trigger. Or perhaps you can start selling kits and instructions for some reasonable price?