Friday, March 9, 2012

TOZ-35 Electromechanical trigger news

Test circuit is ready. Dimensions are not for original wooden fore-end but I don't care about it now (PCB/SMD version will be small enough).
Bad news - I have to design new trigger using switch button. My first idea of button-less trigger wasn't successful.
On the photo above: power board (left) and trigger board (right).


  1. Anonymous11/3/12 16:21

    I developed a board for the Walther FP I am now helping with a TOZ project.

    It appears the left board is a DC to DC SMPS converter and the right board is firing logic. Are you using a microcontroller for firing logic? Will the SMD version fit in the TOZ forearm?

    bobledoux at proaxis dot com

  2. I use only simple discrete components. SMD board must fit TOZ fore-end (I hope).

  3. Anonymous13/3/12 18:03

    How many seconds are needed to charge capacitor?

  4. Under 1 second possible and tested.
    But now I use resistor and charge time about 2.5 seconds.