Thursday, May 24, 2012

WC Munich 2012 - Rapid Fire Pistol statistics

Pardini (new lightweight bolt): 37
Matchguns MG2: 6
Pardini: 5
Walther SSP: 3
IZH-35(M): 2
Matchguns MG2E: 1
Benelli MP95: 1
Walther GSP: 1
Walther GSP Expert: 1
FAS SP607: 1
Tesro: 1

I did not want to bother me with exact identification of Pardinis (it is not so easy) and I defined only two groups - «new lightweight bolt installed» and «not installed».


  1. There are no Morini CM22RF (Alu or Steel). I am surprised. Although I have not used one, they feel very good in the hand.