Saturday, July 28, 2012

Luca Tesconi - Olympic Silver Medalist

«International experience», «Favorite», «World Ranking Leader» etc... The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules. It is Olympic Games.

ANSA Photo. Found here:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IZH-35 Extractor

If some of you have problems with IZH-35 extractor – e.g. extractor flies away using strong ammo or extractor doesn’t work properly – you can try to make modified version of extractor.
It will look like KHR/AW93 extractor.

Two possible ways:
  1. You can modify existing original extractor.
    Drill a hole in original extractor (see drawing).
  2. You can make new extractor from piece of steel (see drawing). After all extractor must be tempered and normalized.
Prepare spring guide and spring (you can use original one).

Credits: User Bronepoezd

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New SCATT without target frame

User vicarius posted some info about new SCATT training sensor. The sensor can be used for dry and live firing without special target frame as previous «SCATT Professional USB». The new sensor model has the same form-factor and about 4g. heavier (38g.). The sensor connected to the PC using USB cable (as previous version). According to the info the sensor has a built-in high speed camera and a couple of sensors. The sensor «works» with spot of the target (black area). Software part: no changes. Tested at 7–200 meters. The shooter was very satisfied.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Christian Reitz. Preparation time.

High shooting results on the way to London

Last year Olena Kostevych demonstrated noticeable very high scores in air pistol – 395.
Last month Olena repeated this great achievement twice – during international competitions in Wroclaw (Poland) and Frankfurt/Oder (Germany). Olena also won sport pistol events with 594 (297+297) in Frankfurt and 590 (295 + 295) in Wroclaw. Unreachable. In Frankfurt Munkhbayar Dorjsuren (592) and Lenka Maruskova (591) were close but not enough.

Also noticeable high scores:
  • BONDARUK Roman - 592 (Rapid Fire Pistol)
  • KUZMINS Afanasis - 581 (Rapid Fire Pistol). 65 years old! London will be Afanasis' 9th Olympic Games!