Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IZH-35 Extractor

If some of you have problems with IZH-35 extractor – e.g. extractor flies away using strong ammo or extractor doesn’t work properly – you can try to make modified version of extractor.
It will look like KHR/AW93 extractor.

Two possible ways:
  1. You can modify existing original extractor.
    Drill a hole in original extractor (see drawing).
  2. You can make new extractor from piece of steel (see drawing). After all extractor must be tempered and normalized.
Prepare spring guide and spring (you can use original one).

Credits: User Bronepoezd


  1. Can you send me the IGES file or STL file of all three parts so it can be read in the various CAD programs we have access to so it could be machined easier. Thank you