Saturday, July 28, 2012

Luca Tesconi - Olympic Silver Medalist

«International experience», «Favorite», «World Ranking Leader» etc... The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules. It is Olympic Games.

ANSA Photo. Found here:


  1. Anonymous29/7/12 21:09

    Согласен - фигня всё это :-)

  2. Каждый раз смотришь сюда и думаешь... "бывает же"

  3. Anonymous31/7/12 00:23

    Посмотрел ссылку. Даааа... Оказывается парень и стрелять-то не умеет. У меня хоть етап Кубка мира в активе был. Никакого уважения к сильным стрелкам. Нехорошо, Лука, нехорошо...

  4. Loinel Cox, our Belgian 50m prone shooter gained silver. He's another example of the "No rules" concept. Martynov then again confirmed as favorite and took the gold. By the way, Pupo wasn't favorite either, was he?

    1. It is very important that small countries in global shooting sport show that They Are There and their shooters can compete and win any medal. I hope Cox's medal will motivate shooters in Belgium. Time to say ... hello!

  5. Anonymous6/8/12 01:14

    Игорёк, а что скажешь на счёт серебряного корейца на МП-6?

    Как же так? Всего 3 старта... Стопудово жрут эти корейцы зелье волшебное. Нечесно это...

  6. Что тут сказать? :-) непойманный - не вор.
    Но вот этими длинными прицельными линиями они заставляют себя выкладываться на 150%...

  7. Anonymous10/1/13 22:47

    In London there were 42 shooters in Air Pistol Men and 38 in Free Pistol: and there were not all the best.
    In all the Olympics occur the same facts: the important thing is to be there!
    How many shooters medalist in Athens or Beijing have won competitions in the next 4 years? How many shooters have won medals and then have vanished?
    I agree: The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules. It is Olympic Games!
    And I think those who are surprised by this, did not understand exactly the shooting sport....