Saturday, July 14, 2012

New SCATT without target frame

User vicarius posted some info about new SCATT training sensor. The sensor can be used for dry and live firing without special target frame as previous «SCATT Professional USB». The new sensor model has the same form-factor and about 4g. heavier (38g.). The sensor connected to the PC using USB cable (as previous version). According to the info the sensor has a built-in high speed camera and a couple of sensors. The sensor «works» with spot of the target (black area). Software part: no changes. Tested at 7–200 meters. The shooter was very satisfied.


  1. It seems SCATT has updated his product range. If this sensor works on all sorts of targets (paper, meyton, disag etc) and distances and they can make it wireless, they have increased user friendliness x-times!

  2. It works with meyton, sius target... etc... even better than with paper target due to better spot contrast.

  3. i wonder how much it will cost. in scatt site the most expensive part of the system was the frame target. if the data the new sensor provides are as reliable as the old one i may replace my old rika with this one.

    1. We will see.

      Rapid fire version price was about 3000(!!!) euros... and of course this project was deadborn. What private person need training system for 3000 euros?

  4. we will see the cost when they start selling it.
    perhaps it will work in rf mode ... anyway its definitely a step forward in training. if the cost is right it will be an instant hit